Fresh. Real.

Sunshine Meadows Farm

The girls heading out to pasture for the day. 

2014 kids enjoy their fresh alfalfa hay. 

Horse (2 year old) and BrownOne (one year old) fighting over the last of the leaves! 

Whisper, on the right, descends from our first goat, Mindy. Cassia, the spotted nubian was the beginning of our nubian herd. 

Latta-Sunshine Dairy Goats

In 2006 we began our little herd of dairy goats with one experimental Toggenberg and three lamanchas. It wasn't long before the herd grew with the addition of alpines then nubians and more experimentals! Now, in 2017, we concentrate on lamanchas, nubians and our experimental girls. 

Since the beginning, we have focused on quality animals that can put milk in the bucket. To have the confirmation for the show ring is important, too. All of our goats are registered with ADGA, and each year we participate in their Linear Appraisal Program. We have been on DHIA (milk testing program) for about five years and have participated in several shows along the way. 

Our goats are tested for CAE, Johne's and Brucella. Even with NEGATIVE test results we still practice CAE prevention by pulling all kids (excepted occasionally the ones we know will be meat goats) and bottle-feeding heat-treated/pasteurized goat milk. We bottle-feed for 12 weeks (3 Months) and kids are available to new homes at that time, if they do not have access to goat's milk before then. 

Each year we offer goats for sale; kids, yearlings and milkers. We try and keep a very tight herd, building on the genetics that we have brought in. If we don't think it's a quality animal, they go in the freezer. We sell a select buck here and there, again, focusing on what could potentially help out our own herd, or someone elses. If interested in what we have available, feel free to email us at Please see our Facebook page for our most currently available goats!