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Sunshine Meadows Farm

Farm Fresh Eggs

Pastured, Organic

Feel free to contact us via Facebook , text or email to see what's available each day. 


We raise a variety of breeds of laying hens that do well in a pastured setting. Every morning we let the girls out of their coop, where they spend their nights protected from predators. They have the freedom to go anywhere on our farm, searching for bugs, hanging out in the sun, or just doing chicken things! We feed a certified ORGANIC grain that contains corn and soy(GMO-Free) as part of the mix, that we get locally to supplement their pastured diet. We do not medicate our chickens with anything nor do we spray our pastures with any "cides" as we don't like 'em and neither do they! 

Egg availability is variable. Please contact us for availability before you make the trip to our farm, located in Ortonville. Text at 248-464-1825. 

Eggs are seasonal. Chickens rely on daylight to signal the production of eggs. They need approximately 10-14 hours of light per day to lay eggs so come winter-time, when there is barely 9 hours of daylight, production drastically drops off, or stops altogether. Because of this, we generally do not have alot of eggs available from November-February. 

Organically raised, free-range chicken eggs: $4.75/doz 

Limited DUCK eggs available at this time. $10/doz.