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Subscription Produce Program

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a term coined in the 1980's, and is a way for a community of individuals (Share-Holders) to pledge their support to a farm operation. Share-Holders pledge in ADVANCE to cover anticipated costs of the garden, along with the farmer's salary. In return, share-holders receive their "share" of the bounty throughout the growing season and the benefit of connecting with the land and being directly connected in knowing where their food comes from. Members also share in the inherent RISK involved with farming, including poor harvests due to weather or pest problems. 

What a CSA is NOT. We are not a farmer's market. There is no picking and choosing once crops go in. We ask our share-holders to help determine what we grow, based on what our zone can handle we we have space for. But part of a CSA is that when we grow certain vegetables, YOU receive them, week after week, until the harvest is done. That may mean squash coming out of your ears or you have tomatoes that you don't know what to do with. And then the opposite happens, too. The weather turns cold and we have no tomatoes. Or no squash, or no lettuce. Farming is dependent on the weather, when things are planted and many other factors. We don't know from year to year what's going to take off, and what's not. That is the RISK you take with a CSA. As an avid gardener for years, and an Advanced Master Gardener. Lorij has had lots of education, training and hours of hard work behind her and she strives to make each year a successful one for our share-holders! 

Our garden, while not certified organic, we DO raise everything organically without the use of herbicides, pesticides or any other 'cide. If we need to use something, we will only use product approved for organic use. Because of this, sometimes we might loose an entire crop. 

Generally, our season runs from June through October, or about 16-18 weeks. We start accepting applications for the season in February. We stop accepting shareholders May 5th, or when the shares are at their limit.   Discount applies for contracts received by April 1 for full payment. First come, first serve with previous CSA members getting priority. We offer FULL Shares ($675) and HALF ($400) Shares and reserve the right to take shares that best balance the load. YOU pick up your share directly at the farm each week, and we offer one morning pick-up and one evening pick-up (your choice when signing up) for your consideration. Sorry, no weekends available. We do NOT have any drop off locations, nor plans for any in the future. We feel it keeps you too far removed from what's going on in YOUR garden.  Please contact us at our Facebook page for a contract.